E-Mail : kristenbsabanciuniv.edu
Phone : 0216-483-9263
Title : Researcher
Areas of Interest : Anthropology, migration, urban diversity, gender
Publications :
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Peer-reviewed journal articles:

Biehl, K. 2015. “Spatializing diversities, diversifying spaces: housing experiences and home-space perceptions in a migrant hub of Istanbul.” Ethnic and Racial Studies 38(4): 596-607

Biehl, K. 2015. “Governing through Uncertainty: Experiences of being a refugee in Turkey as a transit country for asylum.” Social Analysis 59(1).

Biehl, K. 2014. “Migration, urban space and diversity: a case from Istanbul.” Insight Turkey 16(4): 55-63.

Yasin, Y., Biehl, K. and Erol, M. 2014. “Infection of the Invisible: Impressions of a Tuberculosis Intervention Program for Migrants in Istanbul.” Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health.  

Book chapters:

Biehl, K. 2018. “Living Together in Ambivalence in a Migrant Neighborhood of Istanbul.” In Nora Fischer Onar, Susan C. Pearce and Fuat Keyman (eds), Istanbul: Living with Difference in a Global City. Rutgers University Press.

Biehl, K. 2017. “Irregular migrants and negotiated urban space in Istanbul.” In Fatma Muge Gocek (ed.), Contested Spaces in Turkey: Politics of the Urban, Secular, Legal and Environmental. London: IB Tauris

Biehl, K. 2017. “Spaces of inclusion or exception? The experience and regulation of citizenship in a space of irregularity in Istanbul.” In Roberto G. Gonzales and Nando Sigona (eds.), Within and Beyond Citizenship: Borders, Membership and Belonging. Routledge.

Icduygu, A. and Biehl, K. 2013. “The Changing Trajectory of Migration to Turkey.” In M. Balbo, A. Icduygu and J. Perez (Eds.), Countries of Migrants, Cities of Migrants: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Istanbul: Isis Press. (Co-authored with A. Icduygu)

Biehl, K. 2013. “New Migrations to Istanbul and Emerging Local Practices.” In M. Balbo, A. Icduygu and J. Perez (Eds.), Countries of Migrants, Cities of Migrants: Italy, Spain, Turkey, Istanbul: Isis Press.

Reports and Working papers:

Biehl, K. 2014. “Exploring migration, diversification and urban transformation in contemporary Istanbul: The case of Kumkapi.” MMG Working Paper 14-11.

Biehl, K. 2013. “New Diversities in Istanbul: Setting a Research Agenda for Studying Migration and the City.” SSIIM UNESCO Chair Paper Series, Universita IUAV di Venezia.

Biehl, K. 2008. “Migration ‘Securitization’ and its Everyday Implications: an examination of Turkish asylum policy and practice.” Best Participant Essays Series 2009/01, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, San Domenico di Fiesole (FI).

Biehl, K. 2008. Migrant Cities Research: Istanbul. British Council, November 2008. (Co-authored with A. Icduygu)